Do you want to set up a great wallpaper to your computer and cellphone desktop background? It is easy now. We can find many source for free download wallpaper over the internet. You can choose it up to your hobbies or interest.

You can use some search engine or web site directory generator to find the web which allow you to download their wallpaper collections for free. For example, if you are looking for water lily flower, you can type to the search engine just like this – free download wallpaper water lily flower – and then click the search button, or press enter from your keyboard.

And as the result of your command to the search engine, in a few second, there will be more than a million pages to choose. Voilla!! It is easy, isn’t it? The next step to do is to find the best picture or wallpaper that you want, you can follow the tips bellow.

The first page of search engine result are the higher or the most visited website. It is means that at the first page, listed the important web that have your keywords or what you are looking for to the internet and what you are typing on the search box.

The other way, or the fastest way is using Google images facility. You can follow the instructions below: 
1. First go to the Google search engine ( go to: Google. com ) 
2. At the up left corner of the page, there are many option or link, click or choose – images – 
3. After entering the images page of Google search, type the keywords, in this case ( for the above example ) type ” water lily flower ” on the search box 
4. Click the search button or click enter 
5. Voilla!! There are many pictures containing water lily flower keyword

Next step, after find your desired picture, follow the steps below: 
1. Click right on your mouse then chose open in the new tab 
2. Click Enlarge the pictures or See the full image 
3. Click right on your mouse and choose ” save image as ” 
4. Save the images to your hard drive 
5. Now you can set the pictures, manually, from your computer, as a desktop wallpaper or you can send to your cell phone to set as a background wallpaper

If you are using Google images facility, tips to have the best quality picture is choose the largest size, in case you want to set it to your computer. Why so? It is because, if you choose a small picture, and then you set a stretch position as a wallpaper backround to your computer, the pictures will be broken, not smooth and the quality of the picture are not maximize.


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