If you have just got a house and planning an innovative way to refurnish it, then go for country wallpaper borders for beautifying these walls. There are various advantages of using these wallpaper borders because they normally come pre-pasted on a neutral colored background, they are easily washable and can be easily put on and removed.

Country wallpaper borders come in various prints and you can easily get one of your favorites for decorating your house. Those of you who love flowers can go for gardening wallpapers where you would get ivy, flowers like tulip, berries, birdhouses and lots more displayed on these particular types of wallpapers. All these come pasted mostly in wooden shelves and come in with various backgrounds so that you can choose the right one. The borders that can be easily pasted in any rooms are those which have some words written on them. As for example those having the words “Simplify”, “Home Made”, “Give Thanks” are ideal for decorating any room if you team them up with flower or fruits as designs.

If you like farmhouses and want to give this look to any room in your house then go for such wallpapers which have elk, tractors or farmhouses pasted on them. These would bring in old farmhouse feeling in your modern day house.

You should always choose the country wallpaper borders depending on the type of the house and the part of the house that you want to decorate. If you are living in a lodge, then the country wallpaper border that you would choose should have signs such as hunting, fishing or riding. These create excellent ambience in the lodge and also sometimes you would find these borders to have top and bottom edges cut out so that you can paste them as you wish. Those of you who want to decorate cabin walls with wallpapers for them there are varieties of country wallpaper borders. Some would come with the bears dancing, others come with pinecones or moose and some come with camp motifs and in rustic colors.


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